Ethereum and Lido Finance Lead the Way In Revenue and DeFi Growth

• Ethereum and Lido Finance have earned millions of dollars in revenue and influenced Total Value Locked (TVL) in the DeFi ecosystem.
• Ethereum reached a major milestone by surpassing $1 billion in cumulative revenue over the past 180 days, while Lido Finance’s revenue stood at $86.9 million.
• Ethereum collected over $6.1 million in fees with a weekly average of more than $9 million and Lido’s TVL was estimated at around $12.75 billion, accounting for 27% of the total TVL.

Ethereum & Lido Finance Lead Revenue Generation

Ethereum and Lido Finance have been leading the way in terms of generating massive revenues while influencing DeFi’s Total Value Locked (TVL). In the most recent rankings released by Token Terminal, Ethereum [ETH] topped the list with an impressive revenue of $374.9 million followed by Lido Finance [LDO], which secured third position with an impressive revenue of $86.9 million over 30 days period.

Ethereum Reaches Milestone

When it comes to assessing cumulative revenues generated over last 180 days, Ethereum has surpassed yet another major milestone, reaching a staggering number of more than one billion dollars. While not as high as Ethereum, Lido Finance still showcased a commendable performance with its revenue standing at around 24.9 million dollars for the same period. Additionally, Crypto Fees data reports that on weekly basis Ethereum is collecting more than nine millions dollars in fees alone – further reinforcing its dominant position within DeFi space and beyond it as well.

Lido & Ethereum Contribute to Total TVL

Considering Decentralized Finance (DeFi) landscape overall, Total Value Locked stands impressively at 47 billion US Dollars according to DefiLlama reportings – with notable contribution from both previous mentioned projects – namely Ethereum and Lido Finance combined accounting for roughly 73% of entire ecosystem’s value locked! Specifically speaking about Lido’s involvement here – its current TVL stands at 12-point-seven-five billions US Dollars with encouragingly positive trend depicted on charts up until this point; whereas when it comes to Ethereum – its TVL amounts to approximately 27 billions US Dollars with notable influence from aforementioned project – contributing 46% towards entire ecosystem’s value locked under its umbrella!

Price Trends Paint Good Picture

Looking into price trends we can observe good picture being painted for both mentioned projects: whereas positively trending Ethereum is currently fueling their triumph on market; bearish trend for Lido is observed however showing signs of weakening overall across timeframes available for assessment purposes..


In conclusion both projects have been exhibiting significant presence within DeFi space through their respective contributions towards total value locked there as well as through massive revenues relative to other players within the same market segment! Additionally bullish price trend observed for ETH paired up against bearish one seen for LDO are also pointing towards possible future successes coming out from both projects!