Polygon NFT Market Booms: Data Reveals Divergent Trends

• Polygon’s NFT market experienced a surge in buyers and sellers in the past 48 hours.
• Data from Dune Analytics showed a spike in sales on July 23rd, with total sales crossing 39,000.
• Santiment data revealed a different trend, with trade volume dropping to $4,300 after reaching a peak of $7.3 million on July 3rd.

Polygon Witnesses Surge in NFT Sales

Polygon’s Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market has witnessed an upsurge over the past 48 hours, according to data from Dune Analytics and Santiment. On July 23rd, total sales across all platforms operating on the network crossed 39,000 while the number of buyers remained comparatively smaller at around 23,000. However, Santiment’s chart showed a significant drop in USD volume after peaking at $7.3 million on 3 July with the latest figure standing at a mere $4,300.

Total Sales Skyrocket

Today In Polygon reported that Polygon NFT sales and buyers had skyrocketed following an increase of activity across various marketplaces. Data from Dune Analytics showed that OpenSea led the charge as total sales rose to 39,000 before settling back down to less than 14,000 as of the latest update. The number of buyers also fell to less than 10,000 after having reached close to 23,000 earlier this month.

Santiment Reveals Divergent Trends

Interestingly enough though when it came to USD volume data provided by Santiment offered up quite divergent trends compared to those provided by Dune Analytics . While trade volume peaked at around $7.3 million on 3 July it had since dwindled drastically all the way down to just $4,300 as of writing this article which suggests there has been considerable fall-off in buying activity taking place on the platform recently .

MATIC Price Faces Shaky Support

At present MATIC token prices continue facing shaky support having been subject to what appears is a bearish trend . It remains unclear whether or not there is any meaningful connection between this trend and MATIC movement but given their previous correlation it wouldn’t be too much of surprise if such were indeed found out soon enough .

Intriguing Insights Await

All these factors together make for quite intriguing insights into how Polygon’s NFT markets are faring presently . With more data bound to come out shortly we’ll soon get more clarity into exactly what is happening behind closed doors so stay tuned for further updates regarding this developing story .